How to use the best profile picture possible for your Linkedin profile

Linkedin profile pic

Linkedin is becoming more of a social media portal these days.  All sort of content gets published on it.  However, the fact remains that Linkedin is a professional networking site first and foremost.  And the content you publish on it must remain professional.  These days, more and more companies review your Linkedin profile to get […]

How to craft a great elevator pitch to help you land your dream job

Great Elevator Pitch

A typical elevator pitch needs to be short and succinct – 2-3 min is the sweet spot.  Follow this simple three-part AMD framework for a great elevator pitch: Appetizer  Use this part to define some personal trait that will be relevant to the hiring manager. The aim is to catch their attention and make them […]

Negotiating for new job salary

How to negotiate your salary in your new job

Salary negotiations can be a tough process.  You have just finished multiple rounds of tough interviews.  You feel committed to the company and the role, if only because you have spent so much time internally hyping yourself up to believe that.  You are on good terms with the hiring manager and the HR manager – […]

10 things to do in your 20s to build a great marketing career

10 things to do in your 20s to be a great marketer

Experiment  – Try several marketing specializations, and find out what you are most successful at. Eventually, you will find that you start liking what you are most successful at. Success breeds passion. Think of money as an outcome, not as a goal  – You have a long career ahead of you. Do not worry about […]

Mental Frameworks

Mental Models for thinking

Let’s talk about mental models.  Mental frameworks, or mental models as they are more commonly called, are frameworks that help you think. They simplify complex problems so you can think through them simply, time after time.  Training yourself to think through problems using mental models ensures that you don’t miss important variables while trying to […]

Dealing with office politics

Dealing with office politics

Let us talk about office politics.  Love it or hate it, there is no getting away from it.  Regardless of the structure – hierarchical or flat, all offices will have some form of politics – essentially, the activities or behaviours used to acquire and wield powers and responsibility.  And here’s the kicker – office politics […]

Tactics to get a headstart on your career in your first 90 days

How to get a headstart in your new job

First off, let us clarify that the concept of 90 days as the “honeymoon” period in any new job is just a rule of thumb.  You may take more time to get adjusted to the new surroundings.  Alternatively, you may take to your new job like a duck to water. But however long it takes, […]

Letter of recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Submitting a great letter of recommendation from a relevant authority figure – even when not prompted to do so – is a great way to separate your job application from the rest of the pack.  Why is a letter of recommendation important? Submitting it shows you took the extra time and effort needed to procure […]