Packaging for a Digital Savvy world

Packaging is an important moment of truth for a brand for many reasons.  First, packaging interacts with the consumer on more than one occasion – once when they see the product on the real or virtual shelf, and then again when the product reaches the hands of the consumer. Second, packaging serves to drive awareness and […]

Moonshine (Mead in India)

In this section, we shed a spotlight on brands that hold marketing lessons for both entrepreneurs and brand custodians. Consider a category where just getting the requisite licenses to launch your product is a huge task. You have to abide by a stringent set of policies and regulations that differ across States. Online sales are […]

Shark Tank India: Our take

Indian TV audience and the LinkedIn and Twitter intelligentsia have been both mesmerised and divided by a single TV show over the past month. We are talking about Shark Tank India. For the first time in Indian television history, a general entertainment channel (GEC) aired a show on business and entrepreneurship during a prime time […]

CRED’s ads campaigns – decoding the method behind the madness

IPL has once again cast its spell on the country.  Colleagues have started mingling once again. Pubs and lounges have re-started witnessing festive cheers with each boundary and wicket.   Life finally (and hopefully) seems to be limping back to normalcy.  Brand teams and marketing enthusiasts, however, look forward to IPL for a different reason altogether. IPL is […]

Struggling to Win Subscribers in India – The Netflix India conundrum

Netflix is struggling to win subscribers in India.  Industry estimates put its subscriber base between 4.3mn and 4.5mn (compared to its rivals Disney+Hotstar ~36mn and Amazon Prime ~17mn). Clearly, the 6+ years Netflix has spent in India has not led to commensurate growth. Co-CEO Reed Hastings, in the latest quarterly earnings call, said that it was “frustrating,” […]


At WinnerBrands, our two abiding love interests are brands and books. We could discuss both all day long. But when it comes to books on brands, we have a pet peeve. Most branding books are either too theoretical to be useful, or too idealistic to be implementable. This makes it difficult to recommend good books […]

What’s in a brand name?

Grocery deliveries are getting faster and faster, in a bid to subsidise customer laziness. And as customers, we love it. Need 5 tomatoes? Or one packet of milk? Or only a single packet of Maggi? They are all merely an app away. Consumers are fast learning new purchase behaviours, and a whole host of q-commerce […]

How Stoa is leveraging community to grow

In this edition of FreeFlowing, we shine the spotlight on Stoa, an online alternative MBA school.  Does an MBA need to take two years? Not if you ask the folks at Stoa School. This Indian online B-school startup offers an alternative to a conventional MBA, a six-month online course that includes sessions by some of […]

Brand Architecture

We regularly work with startup founders who are keen to build strong brands, and one of the questions we get asked quite often is about brand architecture, especially when founders seek to expand into other categories or want to tap into new consumer segments.  Given that these questions come up frequently, we thought FreeFlowing would […]

Post Corona – Scott Galloway

This week, all of us were busy reading a brilliant new book from Scott Galloway, titled Post Corona – from Crisis to Opportunity.  Scott Galloway, for those who don’t know, has served as the professor of marketing at NYU’s School of Business for about 2 decades. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded nine companies. […]

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