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At WinnerBrands, our two abiding love interests are brands and books. We could discuss both all day long. But when it comes to books on brands, we have a pet peeve. Most branding books are either too theoretical to be useful, or too idealistic to be implementable. This makes it difficult to recommend good books on branding.

With one notable exception.
Obsessed by Emily Heyward. 

Emily is the co-founder of the New York based branding agency Red Antler. In Obsessed, she shows how the advent of D2C brands is rapidly changing the traditional brand building playbook. If you look at the new age brand building principles Emily talks about through the lens of the Indian startup ecosystem, you will notice a lot of interesting similarities.

Read the book. You’ll likely become obsessed with it too.

Meanwhile, give “Post Corona” a read. We promise you will not be disappointed. 

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