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Post Corona – Scott Galloway

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This week, all of us were busy reading a brilliant new book from Scott Galloway, titled Post Corona – from Crisis to Opportunity. 
Scott Galloway, for those who don’t know, has served as the professor of marketing at NYU’s School of Business for about 2 decades. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded nine companies. He is also a controversial figure in the world of marketing. Not known for mincing his words, he is a polarizing voice – you can either agree or disagree with his views, but you cannot be indifferent to him. And as a marketer in today’s world, indifference from your audience can spell disaster. 
In Post Corona, Prof. Galloway makes the case that Covid -19 has acted as an accelerant for business, generating a decade’s worth of growth and change in digital economies within a single year. He takes an overall positive view of the whole affair, predicting that the pandemic will end up generating a wealth of disruptive business opportunities, far more than it destroys. 
The good professor also provides a simple framework to identify such disruptive companies – The T (trillion $) algorithm. 

Scott Galloway also calls out some industries prime for disruption, and one of them that caught our attention is education. As parents of young children, education is a category that’s close to our hearts. Prof. Galloway describes the higher education sector as a caste system, favouring the wealthy students over the poor ones. He also points out that over the past 40 years in the US, college tuition fee increase has far outstripped the consumer price index increase (1400% vs 294%) – another indicator of an industry whose valuation exceeds its value. 

Give “Post Corona” a read. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Meanwhile, give “Post Corona” a read. We promise you will not be disappointed. 

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