3 simple resume hacks

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Today, we are sharing with you 3 simple hacks to make your resume stand out immediately to the recruiter. 

It will take you at max an hour to make these changes. 

  1. Context, Action, Results – Always set up the resume points in a way that the context of the issue, the action YOU took, and the measurable impact it produced are clear. Recruiters love this sort of clarity. 
  2. Quantify – All impacts of your work must be mentioned in quantifiable terms. For eg:
    1. Social media managers – talk about traffic, engagement, and earned media
    2. Growth marketers – talk about revenue, conversion rates, and cost efficiencies
  3. Use Spikes – Spikes are inflection points in your resume which will make a hiring manager sit up and take notice. They increase your chances of being memorable. One or two spikes per resume will be enough. 

Find a quiet afternoon, sit down for an hour and redo your resume to reflect these changes. 

You can thank us later. 

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