3S framework to get noticed at your new job

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Settle – Use this phase to ease into your new job. Be observant. Understand how the systems and processes are run, and who the key stakeholders are. Request meetings with them to understand how they operate. Establish yourself as an active team player by being as helpful as possible, all the while learning how the business operates. 

Sync – Once you get to grips with the role and responsibility and build some rapport with the stakeholders, start identifying problem areas. Observe where the system is breaking down and try to think of solutions for it. These issues could be external (market share, acquisition, retention, referral etc.) or internal (stakeholder management, invoice processing, artwork approval etc.). Sit with the broader team and brainstorm these solutions – both to get working solutions as well as their buy-in. 

Solve – Align these solutions with your boss and then take the initiative to solve them one after the other. Once a problem is solved, communicate it to the broader team and management, giving due credit to the team members. 

Rinse and repeat.

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