A fun hack to land a job

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Are you tired of sending out resume after resume without hearing anything back?

Here’s a fun hack you can try to circumvent the whole process. 

For the next job you want to apply for, do these things:

  • Research
  • Identify a problem
  • Provide multiple solutions 
  • State your intention to apply for a job

A simple, RIPS model. 

Research – check out Youtube for interviews of CMOs and Marketing Directors or VPs from the company you want to apply for. Read Inc42, YourStory, Economic Times, and The Ken articles about these companies. You are looking for specific marketing challenges these companies are facing. 

Identify – one problem, and not more. Choose something that is not too obvious, and something you can potentially solve given your background. 

Provide – multiple solutions, using your imagination, some more google search, and your experience. The intent is not to solve the problem for them right out of the gate (if it were that simple, someone would have done it already). What you need to show them is how you approach the problem and how you think about solving it. That’s why providing multiple solutions increases your chances. 

State – your intention to apply for a job. Be very specific about your ask. 

Once you have a presentation for your RIPS model, send it to the hiring manager via 

  • Your senior most mutual contact, or 
  • DM on Linkedin, or 
  • Direct mail to HR managers in the company, or 
  • Direct mail via company email id

In that order of priority.

See what happens!  

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