Ever felt stuck in your job search?

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Ever felt stuck in your job search?

You fill up dozens of applications, share your resume with multiple recruiters, and wait. 

Only to listen to the sound of crickets. 

Meanwhile, your friends who have the same level of experience as you seem to be getting better job offers, or appear to be posting happy posts on Linkedin or Twitter about how they are enjoying their careers. 

While you silently fill out yet another automated job application online. 

We’ve all been there. 

While it’s inevitable that we will ALL feel like this at some point or the other, what’s not good is to stay in this slump. 

Here are a few ways to take action:

  • Never compare yourself to others beyond a point –  Look at your career from a 10 year perspective. In 10 years, this little slump in your job search will be forgotten. In 10 years, you wouldn’t remember the overly ‘motivational’ post your successful friend posted on Linkedin. In fact, even your friend won’t remember it. 
  • Don’t lose the momentum – If online job applications aren’t working, try reaching out to ex-bosses, mentors, older colleagues, and even cold emailing to establish connections. If your resume is not making the cut, get it reviewed by someone else. If your interview skills need polishing, request your mentor to give you a mock interview. The key is not to go into a state of apathy. 
  • Reset your mind – While you shouldn’t lose overall momentum, it is also essential to not get trapped in your own thoughts. Take small breaks to clear your mind. Eat well. Drink enough water. Go for walks or exercise. Make sure you retain your energy levels because is just as important as your resume or interview skills while job hunting. 

Remember, cliched as it may sound, your career is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Keep on moving. 

These activities show motivation, hustle and intent, three attitude traits no one can train you for. 

Do these, and you’ll instantly be ahead of 90% of the other job seekers in the field. 

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