JDs are guide posts, not electrified fences

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JDs are guide posts, not electrified fences. 

In most hiring scenarios, JDs are considered sacrosanct. 

Hiring managers swear by them. 

However, as candidates, you would be leaving great opportunities on the table if you consider every word in the JD as gospel. 

Have you ever read a JD and told yourselves:

“They are asking for 6 years of experience, but I have only 4.5.”

“They are asking for marketers who have driven acquisition and retention, but my young startup didn’t see much retention.” 

In these situations, you are self-selecting yourself out of the competition. 

Don’t do that. 

Treat the JD as a guide post. It gives you the general direction you need to go in. It shouldn’t box you in completely. 

You won’t ever find another job you are 100% qualified for right from day 01. 

Every job will have a learning curve. And hiring managers know that. 

What they are looking for are candidates with the right mindset, 80% of the skills needed, and hunger to learn and apply. 

Don’t let your fear of the JD stop you. Make that application. 

Downside – The worst you may hear is a ‘no.’

Upside – That dream job could be yours. 

What would you choose?

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