Limiting beliefs and invisible scripts

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Beyond a basic level of competency, it’s very often our own limiting beliefs that prevent our career progression. 

Limiting beliefs are also called invisible scripts for a reason. 

They surround us and suck the drive and self-confidence out of us without us even realising it.

“My boss seems to know so much about the business. I will never be able to be as good as him.”

“I don’t have expertise of all the business fields this job description requires. It’s best I don’t apply to this role.” 

“I can’t crack any competitive exams. I won’t be able to get an MBA ever.” 

Here are three tips to identify invisible scripts and tackle them:

  1. Whenever you feel like you don’t know enough to advance in your career, realise that most often this stems from an incomplete understanding of your own skills. Take a half hour break. Make a 2 year progress list. On one side, list down all you knew and accomplished two years ago. On the other side, list down all you know now, and are accomplishing. You will find that there has been considerable progress. That progress came from your skills. 
  2. Whenever you feel like you just need to do some more research, or talk to some more people, or take a ‘few more’ courses before you can take that next move in your professional life, realise that it’s often just fear of the unknown that’s pulling you back from taking the first step. Instead of being completely paralysed, take small steps. 
  3. Whenever you feel like you are not qualified enough to apply for a job, stop focusing on the academic and company credentials needed, and instead focus on the JD. What are the challenges faced by the hiring manager? Have you had any experience in tackling such challenges? Focusing on the issue to be resolved will prevent you from focusing instead on things beyond your control. 

Of course, not all objections are unreasonable. 

Some jobs and career paths will always be outside your scope. 

But before you discard any, make sure that you are not letting your limiting beliefs talk you out of even trying. 

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