Preparing for Interviews

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Giving interviews can be a harrowing process. 

We know. We have all been through it. 

And because we have been through it, we can share a few actionable tips to help you. 

When it comes to interviews, 90% of the work needs to be done BEFORE you start the call or the meeting.

Prepping for interviews – a primer

Areas to consider

There are three important areas that need to be considered while prepping for an interview:

  • The company
  • The person interviewing you
  • The questions your interviewer will ask

The first two items are specific to the situation. The third one, however, is more generic. 

Types of questions interviewers ask

Most of the questions you can expect here fill fall into 4 buckets

  • Tell me about yourself (who are you, what relevant experience do you have)
  • Why this role? (Why are you suited for the role, technical and business knowledge etc.
  • Behavioural questions
  • Any questions for me? (Questions for the interviewer) 

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