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Acing interviews is one thing, but do you know a secret weapon that will 10x your chances of landing that dream job? 

It’s not referrals. 

It’s showing proof of work. 

Proof of work basically refers to showing evidence to the interviewer that you are capable of solving the type of challenges that the company or brand is facing. 

This could be because:

  • You have already solved the same or similar challenges in other companies, or
  • You have demonstrated the skills needed to solve similar challenges 

Freshers often ask us how they can show proof of work with little to no experience. 

There is a solution for that. 

  • First decide on your dream category and company 
  • Choose a company and brand you want to apply to 
  • Research using these resources
    • YouTube
    • Finshots, The Ken, Economic Times
    • Personal blogs of company founders
  • Identify key problems the brand is facing 
  • Choose one problem 
  • Search for how other brands have solved similar problems 
    • Use Quora for answers 
    • Search Medium blogs for similar business issues
    • Use Google 
  • Once you land upon how someone has solved a similar problem, use your knowledge of the brand and its specific problem to adapt and modify a solution 
  • Write out all of this in a neat presentation. You can use Google Docs, Notion, or PowerPoint to create a deck 
  • Share it with the interviewer during the interview, at any opportune moment. 

Remember, this is a way for you to showcase your understanding of the category, brand and its marketing challenges. 

You can prepare it at your leisure, without the pressure of the interview. 

And you can impress your interviewer. 

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