Questions to ask your hiring manager

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Have you ever found yourself tongue tied at the end of an interview when given an opportunity to ask any questions about the role? 

Very often, we spend so much time and effort preparing for answering questions that we forget to prepare for asking them. 

But remember, an interview is a two way street, even though it may seem lopsided in favour of the hiring manager. 

This is also your opportunity to clear your questions about the role. 

Here are some appetizers to kickstart your thinking:

Questions to ask your hiring manager

Team Structure

  • What will be the overall team composition?
  • What will the reporting structure be like?

Growth Opportunities

  • How will my career be planned?
  • What’s the process of goal setting & evaluation? – Can I transfer across accounts or biz units? 

Team Dependencies

  • Who all will be my stakeholders?
  • Who all will attend periodic review meetings?
  • What are the internal and external dependencies of the role?


  • What are the key challenges I may face in the beginning?
  • Are there any open crises I should be aware of?

Work Culture

  • What is the work culture like?
  • How is success celebrated?
  • How is failure treated?

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