Tactics to get a headstart on your career in your first 90 days

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First off, let us clarify that the concept of 90 days as the “honeymoon” period in any new job is just a rule of thumb. 

You may take more time to get adjusted to the new surroundings. 

Alternatively, you may take to your new job like a duck to water.

But however long it takes, one thing is clear – you will get a certain amount of time in the beginning of your job where you will be allowed a certain leeway to settle in before you start delivering. 

With a little amount of hard work, you can use this period wisely to get a head start in your career. 

  1. Understand the systems – Any workplace will have its own rhythms, unwritten rules of social behaviour, and structured and unstructured rules and regulations. Use your first 90 days to understand these systems and how they operate. Identify who are the:
    1. Key influencers 
    2. Key decision-makers
    3. Potential trouble makers

Use this knowledge to build your network, making sure that the key influencers and decision-makers are aware of your job description, your goals, and your immediate objectives. Befriend the potential troublemakers, or if you can’t do that, at least make sure they don’t consider you a threat. 

  1. Align your deliverables – Sit down with your boss as soon as you can and get clarity on:
    1. Your 90-day, 6 monthly, and annual deliverables
    2. What are the key KPIs and what success looks like
    3. Who are the key stakeholders and what are the key decision points

Remember, your boss’s success depends on your success. So make an ally of your boss. 

  1. Deliver early wins – Demonstrating success in a big way may not be possible during the first 90 days, simply because you do not yet know enough about the system to work it well. Instead, focus on delivering multiple small wins. Once you have got a win, communicate it well within the team, taking care to thank and encourage all those who helped you. Be known as the go-getter in the team who is willing to walk the talk. 

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