You were laid off. Now what?

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You were laid off. Now what?

Getting laid off can be traumatic. It can suddenly raise questions about your self-worth, professional competence, and future prospects. 

And these days, it’s happening to more and more marketers. 

Unfortunately, when funding winters set in, marketing teams are usually the first to feel the heat. 

But, here’s the thing. 

Layoffs may happen due to any number of reasons, most of which will be outside your control as an employee. 

While you cannot control them, you can certainly plan to bounce back. 

Here’s a simple 3 step process to help you do that:

1.Catch some time off

Be kind to yourself. What has happened to you will need some processing. 

Take a few days off, sit with your emotions (and a bucket of ice cream), and process the shock. 

Do this regardless of your financial situation. 

The last thing you want to do is to jump back into an interview mindset while your brain is still processing the emotional trauma of a layoff. 

2. Clarify your next steps

Do not blindly jump back into the job market and shoot your resume off to all headhunters and Linkedin jobs. 

Use this time to define your personal values. Decide what category and type of job you want. 

Get some clarity about your professional and personal needs and wants. 

Your goal should be to remain happy in the next job you take up. 

3. Create a schedule

Job hunting can be a lonely and boring process. There will be long periods of inaction followed by short bursts of intense activity like exploratory calls and interviews. 

Do not burn out. 

Create a schedule for your job hunting process, just as if it’s a 9-5 job. Don’t sit in front of your laptop all day. Go out (masked, of course), get some fresh air, and get some good sleep. 

Remember, it’s a marathon. 

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