Brand Lead ( An emerging global fintech brand)

About the brand

An emerging fintech brand is reimagining financial products as consumer products, like Spotify or Netflix, or Dropbox, making money and tools/services to manage it, available for a simple monthly subscription fee so you can stream, share, and sync it across accounts, devices, funding instruments, friends or family. Our mission is to help our users demystify their finances, maximize their savings, participate in sustainable debt efforts and spend intelligently. We strive to build an open financial inclusion network.

The venture is aiming to build out of India for the world, they are already growing at a massive scale in the US and entering the Canadian markets soon. The markets can further expand once the marketing org kicks in with more rigor.

Primary marketing goal:

To drive the business goals of scaling the user base 3-5x times by 2023 with a major focus on organic growth and content-led marketing.

Success – Achieving the key business metrics on User Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention while driving growth and global expansion.

Job Description

  • Define the brand and its positioning.
  • Develop and manage the brand strategy as well as corresponding brand elements in order to maximize the brand’s equity
  • Conceptualize brand-led ideas that can elevate brand awareness, recall, and positioning in our target segment
  • Responsible for creating and placing advertising that supports the business’s initiatives through media planning, creative development, metrics, market research, and vendor management.
  • Drive programs and projects across the various customer touchpoints to drive customer consideration and trust for our products
  • Develop, test, and execute aggressive multi-channel marketing plans to drive customer acquisition and retention
  • Own customer and consumer understanding, identifying their barriers and triggers to purchase
  • Take ownership of the brand’s voice by defining guidelines and best practices across products and platforms
  • Building the brand measurement plan, ownership of brand awareness goals
  • Driving brand desire across various stakeholders including employees, partners, and existing and potential customers.
  • Building and managing a team of passionate brand marketers, and creative professionals including agency partners.
  • Contribute to market research and data analysis to generate insights and identify opportunities
  • Collaborate with like-minded brands outside the category to establish co-sponsored and branded events or campaigns
  • Establish metrics for the purpose of measuring campaign effectiveness against KPIs.
  • Participate in crafting the brand’s overall social and content strategy

Key Skills ( Essentials )

Strong brand-building acumen and a strategic thinker

  • Demonstrable experience in positioning a brand/company in a competitive market and winning market share
  • Steady exposure or Expertise in Digital Marketing or Marketing Analytics
  • Proven track record of campaign planning and execution
  • Experience in managing and having an overall understanding of PR, social media, and content development
  • Strong inclination towards impact-led businesses
  • Low ego and high intellectual curiosity.
  • Customer Centricity
  • Exposure to Brand Communication and Media Planning

Preferred Candidates

  • Someone with strong 5years of solid brand-building exposure
  • Mid-level brand leads aiming for a step up and building something from scratch!
  • Loves tracking brands and their impact, may maintain a small blog 🙂

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