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How changing consumer behaviour is redefining the brand building playbook

No jargon, no fluff. Just practical, applicable knowledge.

Duration - 4 hours

Weekend session

Online live workshop

₹ 2500/- Introductory price

Duration - 1 day, 4 hours

Contemporary Indian case studies

Hybrid model- Online and/or Offline

Proprietary actionable frameworks

About the program

Consumers today are overwhelmed by the exponential rise in choices, categories, channels and even content vying for their attention. This is causing a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour.

Brand building has never before been so chaotic.
Brand building has never before been so exciting.

In this new world of rapidly evolving consumers, traditional methods of brand building might need a few updates. This program seeks to acquaint you with the evolution of brand building playbook in this new and exciting age.

Conducted by brand builders


Live Case


Interactive breakout sessions


Access to a premier marketing community

Workshop Schedule

Session Topics

Consumer trends

The 14 consumer trends shaping modern day brand building

Breakout session

Group exercise 1

Brand building playbook

14 rules for the new age brand building playbook

Breakout session

Group exercise 2

Brand building framework

A practical brand building framework for easy reference

What you will learn ?

How changing consumer trends are manifesting in today's world.

What consumer trends are in nascent stage and are expected to grow meaningfully.

50+ real life examples of changing consumer trends and their impact on brand playbook.

A practical and easy to apply framework for building brands in the modern world.

Hands on interactive sessions, with real life examples.

Who is the workshop for?

Group 20


Group 26


Group 28

Business school graduates

Group 20


Group 26


Group 28

Business school graduates

Group 31

Startup teams

Group 31

Startup teams

Group 33

Creative agencies

Group 34

Business consultants

Group 33

Creative agencies

Group 34

Business consultants

Meet Our Mentors

Gurudev Prasad

MICA, Partner &

Suharsh Dixit

XLRI, Partner and

Sandeep Nair

IIM Bangalore, ex-Swiggy,
ex-P&G, ex-Reckitt &

Curated by BusyBeeBrands

Learnings distilled from a combined experience of 30+ categories and 50+ brands by India’s leading brand strategy and consumer insights firm.

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