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Top 3 campaigns from 2023 – by Diptakirti Chaudhuri

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For this edition of FreeFlowing, we invited Diptakirti to pick his favourite campaigns of 2023 that aptly demonstrate the power of creative thinking and execution.

Diptakirti Chaudhuri is a marketer with over 2 decades of experience in marketing and sales. He has held marketing leadership heritage brands as well as startups like Bajaj Auto, Manipal Global, Holiday IQ and HT media. In his recent stint leading the business charter at Vinod Chopra Films he has worked on promoting ‘12th Fail’ – the sleeper hit of the year.

Over to the top campaign picks from Diptakirti…

1. Red Label Tea

Red Label has successfully built ‘tea as a social lubricant’ with a series of heartwarming, progressive, yet entertaining ads over the years. From welcoming new neighbours, to approving a daughter-in-law, to reconnecting with old professors, to celebrating festivals, they have remained faithful to the ‘Swad Apnepan Ka’ line, taking the strategy of equating themselves with the category.

So, the next step was only natural, that of calling tea ‘India’s favourite social network’. This is obvious in hindsight, often the hallmark of a good insight and matched the brand positioning perfectly. The individual situations cut across social strata, hinted at some of their previous ads, but remained hot and fresh.

The result was a lovely, feel-good and durable film that transcends any specific occasion and reels you in.

2. Dream 11

Sab khelenge’… Dream 11’s promise to get all of India playing fantasy cricket got a great follow-up during IPL 2023 when 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi) joined some of Indian cricket’s top stars for a tongue-in-cheek campaign.

Built around the theme of actors joining cricket as a tit-for-tat towards cricketers acting in ads, it could have become just another celeb-heavy campaign – but for the writing. The campaign was deliciously wicked, playing around the actors’ flops and their quick-wittedness, trading barbs with the cricketers in a series of short and snappy videos.

The campaign was also built up well with a teaser element (around a potential sequel for the film 3 Idiots), setting up the context (with a faux-press meet video) and then throwing a dozen short videos

Link to full playlist here.

3. Cadbury’s 5 Star

The brand did a great job of extending their tagline ‘Do Nothing’ to the flavour-of-the-season, Artificial Intelligence. The ‘Do Nothing University’ was a seductive pipedream, a college that gets you a job without having to work at all.

The film threw in a couple of evergreen Seinfeld gags and Dilbert principles around ‘how to look busy’ at work, while creating a ‘tech’ aura with a salad of buzzwords like Blockchain, Graphic Design and Coding. They followed it up with a website for the Nothing University – which listed courses including a couple by comedians Atul Khatri and Rahul Subramaniam.

In a world resigned to working abominably hard to get their daily bread, 5 Star managed to break clutter by capturing an abiding fantasy, and not merely a moment of marketing.

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