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Top 3 campaigns from 2023 – by Nikhil Narayanan

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As 2023 draws to a close, we feel its apt to share a few campaigns that not only stood out but also held interesting lessons for brand builders and marketers. Amidst the fervent talks over the new in marketing, these campaigns aptly demonstrate the power of classic strengths of creative thinking and execution. To this end, we have invited a few experts from our WinnerBrands community to opine on campaigns that in their view deliver on these metrics.

The first article in this series is penned by Nikhil Narayanan. Nikhil is a seasoned creative director (copy) with over 15 years of advertising experience. Nikhil’s work spans across a range of marketing disciplines- from copywriting to content marketing and from Brand Management to Employer Branding. Incisive, sharp and articulate, Nikhil is a passionate writer and counts amongst the top-voices on LinkedIn. Currently he helms the creative function at Pine Labs ( Check his Linkedin profile here)

Over to the top campaign picks from Nikhil…

1. Asahi Noise Cancelling Windows

This is vintage advertising – the sort of work that inspired people from my generation to enter this industry. You barely get to see this style of humour and storytelling in advertising anymore(except for Thai-vertising). And that’s mostly because the clients want to play it safe and the agencies are more than willing to oblige.

All credit to Enormous – they’ve been doing some great work the rest of the industry seems terrified to pull off.

2. Savlon - Hand Ambassador

This was refreshing for one reason. Brands that sign up celebrities are keen to slap their ambassador’s face on all touch points possible. And these guys just did everything except. Yes, the fact that Sachin’s voice is highly recognisable helped the cause. But won’t take anything away from Ogilvy for this fine effort

3. Flipkart Big Billion Campaign

Every 2 months or so, the advertising and marketing gurus gather and make a statement – “Print is dead.” And every 2 months or so, a brand and agency put out a great press ad and figuratively slap those gurus across their pompous faces. This was one such slap. Can’t remember a more interactive piece, press or otherwise, from recent times. Kudos to Flipkart and Talented(I think).

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