3 guidelines for career

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3 Guidelines for career

Today we want to share 3 guidelines for life that have helped us along our own career journey. 

Whichever part of your career you want to improve, these guidelines will help you. 

#1 Do the significant things early on in life

There’s a Chinese proverb that goes: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We all have those one or two regrets about waiting too long on something – a business idea, a career changing assignment, a promotion negotiation. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it till now. If it is still relevant to you, do it now. It will only get more delayed tomorrow onwards. 

Are you looking to change your career? 

Learn a new language?

Lose weight?

Start now. 

#2 You have to take action yourself

No one, not even your spouse, family, closest boss or mentor, is responsible for your career. 

You are.

The hardest steps in your career are those that you have to take yourself. 

However, they will add more value to your life and work than those steps others decide for you. 

Sure, it may seem scary at first. But slowly, with one small decision building on top of another, you will progress. 

And then suddenly, it will start to get easier. 

Try it. 

#3 Don’t try to do everything alone

There’s a secret hack to speed up your career growth by 2x. 

Get help. 

Ask for advice from:

  • Mentors
  • Career forums
  • Senior leaders on Linkedin 
  • Folks who have done the same thing you want to do careerwise

If nothing else, reach out to us at WinnerBrands! 

We are happy to welcome you into our community. We can connect you with the right marketers who can advice you and guide you. 

While it is true that you should do your basic homework before taking any step, you can make decisions faster and avoid known mistakes if you take the help of others who have trodden the same path before you. 

These guidelines are all well and good, but what matters is whether you adopt them into your life or not. 

Even if you follow only one guideline from these, it will impact your career positively as long as you diligently apply it.

All the best!

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