3 things to do to overcome lack of experience

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Should a lack of experience hold you back? 

We say no. 

If you don’t have enough experience for your dream company, here are 3 things you can do:

  1. Build your personal brand – Identify the category your dream company is in, and research it. Choose 5 topics in that category, and write 5 in-depth long-form articles on it (remember how you used to do this in college? Same principles apply). Get your essays vetted by an industry expert if you are unsure of the output. Then split these 5 articles into 20 short-form posts. Post these once a day during weekdays on LinkedIn. Every day, go to the Linkedin profile of an industry expert in the field you want to be in and comment on some of their posts. Make sure to add some value to each post. Prospective recruiters stalk folks on Linkedin, and building a personal brand there pays off. 
  2. Freelancing –  Spend time on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to get some freelancing projects. This will help you build your experience and also build some proof of work in the field. 
  3. Interview experts – Ask mid-level experts in the field for half an hour to record their answers to some interesting questions. Then convert these to articles or even podcasts. Showcase them on your social media links, tagging the experts. If they like the content, they will re-share it, making your profile more visible to those in the field. In addition, you will also learn from these experts. 

Anyone can do these three things; they are free of cost. 

These activities show motivation, hustle and intent, three attitude traits no one can train you for. 

Do these, and you’ll instantly be ahead of 90% of the other job seekers in the field. 

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