The Importance of saying no

Importance of saying no

Most burnouts happen at work to high performers.  There is a simple reason behind this.  High performers are trusted more, and hence they are entrusted with ever-increasing loads of harder and more sensitive work.  This goes on and on until a tipping point is reached.  The solution? Learn to say no.  This is harder than […]

How to deliver higher ROI communication

How to deliver higher ROI communication

We have all been in meetings or calls where a problem gets discussed endlessly, with most of the conversation being about ‘setting the context.’  How often have you found yourself drifting off mentally in the middle of a call, only to catch yourself and wonder, “When will he get to the point?”  This is low […]

3S framework to get noticed at your new job

Get Noticed at your job

Settle – Use this phase to ease into your new job. Be observant. Understand how the systems and processes are run, and who the key stakeholders are. Request meetings with them to understand how they operate. Establish yourself as an active team player by being as helpful as possible, all the while learning how the […]

Making decisive recommendations

Making Decisive Recommendations

Most of us have heard of the famous 6-page memos in Amazon.  Every decision apparently needs to be backed by a 6-page memo, as per the urban legend.  Most big FMCG companies insist on at least a 1-2 page rationale for most decisions.  However, you may not have the luxury of time or resources to […]

Managing freelancers and agencies

Managing freelancers

As marketers, you will constantly find yourself dealing with agencies and freelancers.  They are your trusted stakeholders, who will help you bring your visions to fruition.  That social media post. Or that product romance video.  That brand identity document. Or that national-level TV campaign.  Whatever the need, third-party agencies are a marketer’s army.  And just like a […]

Creating Marketing Budgets

Creating Marketing Budget

Every annual business review has a section where you will be asked to present a budget for your marketing activities for the next year.  Most teams approach this with some fear because budget setting is a laborious exercise fraught with complex options: The questions are never-ending.  It’s true – a lot of these high-level questions […]

How to answer questions

Creating Marketing Budgets

Almost always in a professional environment, you will be called upon to answer questions. These could be from: Your boss Your teammates Your senior management Each of these is an opportunity to show your credibility, knowledge, and ability.  Want to know a hack? The more thoroughly you answer the initial questions, the more people will […]

How to get a yes

How to get a yes in office

How to increase your chances of getting a yes to a request In your professional capacity, you will find yourself having to ask for help from a lot of people.  You cannot do everything by yourself.  You will need the enthusiastic buy-in of your colleagues, and their active support.  You will need to get them […]

How to onboard yourself

Onboarding checklist

Imagine this – you have just joined a startup.  You are new to the company, and you don’t know anyone except your boss. Monday morning 10 am, and you are sitting at your new desk, with your newly issued laptop in front of you.  Your email inbox is empty, but that will soon change.  It […]

Limiting beliefs and invisible scripts

Limiting beliefs

Beyond a basic level of competency, it’s very often our own limiting beliefs that prevent our career progression.  Limiting beliefs are also called invisible scripts for a reason.  They surround us and suck the drive and self-confidence out of us without us even realising it. “My boss seems to know so much about the business. […]

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