Behavioural questions – Part 2

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A typical set of questions in all interviews are behavioral questions. 

Typically these questions fall into 6 types:

Tell me about a time:

  • You exhibited leadership
  • You succeeded despite constraints (budget, people, marketplace etc.)
  • You had to work with a difficult person/team
  • You failed
  • You overcame an obstacle
  • You had to convince your leadership team

Any of these questions can be answered with a framework like the following:

  • Convey a story
  • Back it up with a quantitative proof/picture of success
  • Include one unforgettable detail or trivia

Before your next interview, sit down and write down answers to these questions so you have the basic structure in your mind. 

Afterwards, repeat these answers to yourself, imagining you are talking to a real interviewer. 

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