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This is a critical question in all interviews. 

This is the part of the interview where the interviewer checks how interested you are in their company. 

The key things they are looking for in your response are:

  • Why do you want this specific role with their company
  • How much research have you already done about the company
  • How interested do you seem in the role

The simplest way to approach the answer to this question is three-fold:

  1. Show you have done your research and are excited about the role and company
    1. Research the company
      1. Try to talk to some current employees in the company 
      2. Watch youtube videos of interviews with CEO, CMO, founders etc. 
      3. Read up on the latest news items – funding, challenges, key campaigns
    2. Show excitement
      1. This may seem trivial, but remember to smile when you answer!
      2. Think of the company as something you want to invest in. Bring that energy into the discussion
  2. Connect your skills and experiences to the answer
    1. Talk about your experience and how those are very relevant for this role
    2. Talk about your skills and how they fit the needs of this role very well. 
    3. Remember the JD. Recall key skills and requirements in the JD and tie those into your response. 
  3. Tie the role into your career path
    1. End by talking about how this role fits into your career path nicely as the next step.
    2. Take care not to signal that you are only seeing this role as a quick stepping stone to bigger and better things. 

Most importantly, remember that this is not a ‘trick’ question. 

The interviewer is not trying to trap you into any ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ response. 

She is genuinely trying to understand more about why you want this role. 

Help her with a genuine response. 

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