How to decide if a job opportunity will be a good fit for you

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How to decide if a potential job opportunity will be a good fit for you?

Some practical tips:

  1. Identify your values and strengths. It doesn’t matter if you are not 100% sure about them. Get started, that’s the main thing. Both your values and your strengths will evolve over time.
  2. Read the JD and the company culture from their website. You’ll be surprised how few candidates actually do this.
  3. Check out reviews about the company on Glassdoor. Find out mutual contacts who are working in the company, and check with them about the culture and pay.
  4. Listen to interviews given by the top officials of the company – CMO, VP, CEO etc. to understand about the challenges and the opportunities for the company.
  5. If possible, talk to employees who left the company to get a different POV.

At the end of this exercise, remember to exercise your own judgment. You don’t need to listen to every piece of advice out there (including this).

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